Tournament Winners

Great Futures Start Here

Tournament Winners

Great Futures Start Here

2025-  Davis – Tristar Lax Clash Champs Jun 22

2023-  Moran – Lax Fest Champs Jun 22

Express East 2031- Hudson Valley Summer Classic Tournament Champions, June 2021

LI Express Davis 2025 – Long Ireland Champs

Channy 2026 -NAL Champions, June 2022

ExpressEAST 2031 – JC17 Tournament Champs, June 2022

LI Express 2031 White Team – JC17 Tournament Champs, June 2022

Express 2030 are JC17 Tournament Champs, June 2021

LI Express World Series Team wins Blatent Spring Jam (Spring 2022)

Long Island Express 2028 Chucks – 2021 Columbus Day Invitational Champions!
Congratulations to the coaches and team!


Huge congratulations to Express 2027 Haugen

Prime Time Summer Invitational Champions (July 2021)

Congratulations to Midwest Express 14U Team
Summer Shootout Champions (Indy)
(July 2021)

Congratulations to 2026 Channy World Series Lax Champions

(July 2021)

Congratulations to 2025 Express Davis American Pride Tournament Champions!

(July 2021)

Express Schwalje 2024 Crab Feast Champions

(July 2021)

Express 2028 Chucks Legacy Lacrosse
Summer Invitational Champs

(July 2021)

2027 A North Team for winning the Legacy Lacrosse Summer Invitational
(July 2021)

Express Chucks 2027 Undefeated at Legacy Laxachusetts
(July 2021)


Congratulations to 2025 Moriarty North for being named 2021 Trilogy Radar Champions!!
(July 2021)

2023 Moran Orange Lax Fest Champions! Great weekend

Congratulations to TriStar Champs!

Congratulations to Express North 2027 Smith for winning the TriStar Championship!

2022 Demeo Lax Fest Champions!

Express 2026 NatLaxFed Summer Kickoff Champions

Express North 2027 Schreiber NCAA Future Tournament Champs June’21

Express Channy 2025 – NCAA Future Champions June’21

Express 2028 Chucks & 2026 Channy NCAA Future Champions June’21

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