Parent of a 2022 player

"Our son played lacrosse for nine years on competitive youth teams, national travel clubs, and for a nationally ranked high school.  Midwest Express has been, by far, our best lacrosse experience to date. Exceptional communication and immediate access and response, fantastic marketing and recruiting support, top events and competition, and great culture among the players, coaches and parents." -Parent of a 2022 player

“Our son had an amazing experience with Midwest Express this summer.  We were thrilled to find a player-focused club with coaching that is second to none.” -Parent of a 2027 player

“Midwest Express, even as a first-year club, has been an amazing experience.  The fact that they have succeeded, on and off the field, in their first year and in the middle of a global pandemic speaks to the excellent leadership and coaching that guides this club.   I cannot recommend Midwest Express highly enough for any player (and their parents) who wants to try to play collegiately.” -Parent of a 2021 player  

“In the past year the coaches at Midwest Express have helped me grow and evolve as a player. Their coaching style and philosophy elevates our play and allows our team to be the best we can be. It’s been an amazing opportunity for me to practice and compete with some of the best players in the region.” -2022 player

“My son has been incredibly happy with our Midwest Express experience. The instruction from top coaches, tournament play against the best in the country and most importantly, great teammates from all over the midwest have made our time with MWE positive. I have always thought from a parent perspective, proactive, regular, detailed communication to parents is the most critical element of a great sports organization. MWE does a great job communicating with parents and players throughout the year.”  -Parent of a 2022 player

“As a new program and the being a part of the older 2021 team, we were hopeful but unsure of what we could expect.  Coach Berutich and the Midwest Express Club totally delivered.  Great organization and communication, a competitive team of athletes who were strong at each position, positive and insightful coaching and, importantly, real partnership with college coach outreach.  Express impressed on every level.”   Gordon Montgomery (father of Oliver Montgomery, Midwest Express 2021)

“From the very first practice, the coaches have encouraged the boys to build relationships with one another.  That priority has translated into their chemistry and trust of one another on the field and into new friendships for our son.”   -parent of a 2022 player

“In a very short period of time, Midwest Express has delivered an experience which has given our son an established, national platform coupled with a coordinated approach to development which leads to exposure and college recruiting.  Our Director and coaches are accessible, communicative, attentive and provide constructive feedback which is actionable.  Express has introduced a superior product to the Midwest for families looking for an elite lacrosse experience.”   -parent of a 2022 player

“As a player who wants to compete at the collegiate level, teaching and player development are the most important factors for me when choosing a lacrosse program.  Midwest Express has given me an opportunity to play against top talent, continue to raise my lacrosse IQ and be supported by a program that truly cares and can help me get to the next level.  The MWE directors and coaches make me feel like I am prepared both on and off the field!”   -2022 player   

“Our experience with Midwest Express has exceeded expectations. So much about club lacrosse is whether a program will be the right fit for your son given his abilities and what he hopes to achieve in the sport. Families want good communication, skill development, serious competition, and a fair opportunity to test your son and highlight his skills. Express has checked all of these boxes.” -parent of a 2022 player

“As parents we were very impressed with the professionalism of the whole organization. We enjoyed the fall/winter trainings as well as the knowledge of the coaches. Our son improved tremendously and was pushed outside of his comfort zone.  He is already asking when the next season starts.”  -parent of a 2025 player        

"My oldest son has been playing club lacrosse since he was in middle school. MWE is unlike any other program in the Midwest that he has participated in. The coaching, the competition, and the exposure they provided him is second to none, and not available with most other Midwestern programs.  My youngest son is just starting to play travel lacrosse and he will not be considering any other programs in the area.  After this summer, and seeing his brother's experience, he is 100% committed to MWE."   -parent of 2021 and 2024 players      

"What I enjoyed most about playing in my first season with Midwest Express was the style of coaching.  The Coaches had a way of instructing you which motivated you to learn from them." -2025 player  

“Midwest Express has helped our son take his game to the next level with top level coaching and the opportunity to play in a variety of competitive events both close to home and further East. The camaraderie between the kids and families makes it fun for everyone.” -parent of a 2023 player    

“Midwest Express provides all their players with elite coaches and competition.  I was honored to be playing for one of the best lacrosse programs in the Midwest.” -2021 player    

“Midwest Express lacrosse provides highly experienced & positive coaching staff across the board. Coaches & director clearly communicate detailed advice on necessary steps to pursue competitive lacrosse at the next level.” -parent of a 2022 player    

“We have been very pleased with the level of professionalism across the Midwest Express organization. The coaching has been terrific, and the communication with the parents has been fantastic. We are happy with our decision to join Midwest Express and would highly recommend the club to anyone who is seeking a change.” -parent of a 2021 player    

This is our sons fourth year of travel lacrosse; we have been part of multiple programs.  Midwest Express Lacrosse's program is unmatched in the level of coaching, guidance, events & inclusiveness, we could not ask for a better program". -parent of a 2022 player    

“Top level talent playing against top level competition, while still fostering a positive team culture. Midwest Express has been a great experience for us.” -parent of a 2022 player      

“The Midwest Express coaching staff is exceptional; they are approachable and professional both on and off the field.  We appreciate how well organized the program is and how great they are with communication.  We have witnessed our son’s confidence and knowledge grow exponentially since joining Midwest Express last Fall.  They truly teach the East Coast way of lacrosse with Midwest values!” -parent of a 2022 player  

"The level of coaching our 2025 son received while playing for Midwest Express was far greater than any we had experienced." -parent of a 2025 player    

“Midwest Express checks all the boxes for lacrosse development. Great coaching, access to countless resources on and off the field and phenomenal recruiting support.   Most importantly for my player, Midwest Express leads with character and respect.  Respect for the self, the game and the competition. If you desire to raise a fine young man first, and then the best lacrosse player he can be, you want Express Lacrosse!” -Parent of a 2023 player    

If your son wants to learn how to play lacrosse at a high level (high school and college), supported by excellent coaches and a top-notch staff that cares, then Midwest Express is the program for you. Covid19 impacted everyone’s Spring and Summer lacrosse.  But the Midwest Express program, in particular, Mark Berutich, never stopped working to create a meaningful experience for the players.  They dealt with multiple tournament cancellations, kept us informed, and promised to stay focused on creating opportunities for the players when it became safe to do so. And they delivered.  Players in the Midwest, who want to improve their game and play at a high level of competition, would be well served to join the Midwest Express program. And for those interested in one day playing at the college level, Mark and his team don’t just claim to support your son, they actually do it by giving good advice and contacting college coaches where there might be a good fit.  At that end of the day, the player and family have to put in the hard work to get to the next level, but knowing that people like Mark are behind you willing to help makes all the difference. -parent of a 2021 player    

“The coaches brought a great level of knowledge of the game and the boys really responded and grew over the course of the season.  For several, they were learning a new position and my son (Ashton) was new to playing long pole D, and the growth from Day 1 through the final game was tremendous.  They stressed the fundamentals and effort and the team really developed cohesion on both ends over the season; they even provided feedback to Ashton for off-season focus areas to grow his game.  Thank you Midwest for a great experience!” -parent of a 2027 player

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